We're excited to help you fulfill your philanthropy in a way that is both unique and personal. Maybe you love to support the arts, education, animals, the environment or another wonderful cause. No matter where you choose to direct your gift, you will be enriching our community for generations to come. We're grateful for your generosity. If you'd like to view the funds alphabetically, click on "show all funds list" below. The Foundation's current system is not compatible with Internet Explorer. If you are having trouble making a donation, please use Firefox, Chrome or Safari to complete your donation. If you have any questions contact Traci McAdams at 575-737-9300 or tmcadams@taoscf.org.

Donate To A Fund

  Donate Taos Community Foundation General Fund
  Donate The Fund For Taos
The Fund for Taos is designed to respond quickly when our community is faced with an emergency situation. All contributions to Taos Communities Fund for Taos supports local nonprofits responding to unmet needs in the community, which could include food, shelter, access to support services, and coordination between community networks.
  Donate Angel Fire Community Foundation Endowment Fund
  Donate Angel Fire Community Foundation Intermediate Fund
  Donate Animal Welfare Endowment Fund
  Donate Child Rite Endowed Fund
  Donate Community Education Intermediate Fund
  Donate Emergency Medicine Intermediate Fund
  Donate Give a Kid a Lift Fund
  Donate La Plaza Endowment Fund
  Donate LGBT Equity Endowed Fund
  Donate Music for Children Endowment Fund
  Donate Sustainable Environment Endowment Fund
  Donate Taos Public Education Intermediate Fund
  Donate Unmet Healthcare Needs Intermediate Fund
  Donate Women and Girls Endowment Fund
Community Impact Project
  Donate Community Housing Trust Special Project Fund
  Donate EC-COAD Project
  Donate Friends of Mi Casita
  Donate Help Outreach Taos Special Project Fund
  Donate HIVE (Hub of the Internet-based Vocations & Education Special Project Fund
  Donate LEAD Special Project Fund
  Donate Paso a Paso TECA Project Fund
  Donate Taos Education and Career Center Special Project Fund
  Donate Taos Education Collaborative Special Project Fund
  Donate TCF Building Campaign
  Donate Wild Earth Llama Rescue Special Project Fund
  Donate Amigos Bravos Designated Endowment Fund
  Donate B'Nai Shalom Havurah Designated Endowment Fund
  Donate Bridges Project for Education Designated Intermediate Fund
  Donate Cathleen Tomlinson Designated Intermediate Fund
  Donate Community Against Violence (CAV) Designated Intermediate Fund
  Donate DreamTree Project Designated Endowment Fund
  Donate Dr. Larry Shreiber Mountain Home Health and Hospice Designated Endowment Fund
  Donate EnSuenos Y Los Angelitos Development Center Designated Endowment Fund
  Donate Equine Spirit Sanctuary Designated Endowment Fund
  Donate Field Institute of Taos Designated Endowment Fund
  Donate Friends of Anansi Charter School Designated Endowment Fund
  Donate Friends of Taos Public Library Designated Fund
  Donate Golden Willow Retreat Center Designated Intermediate Fund
  Donate Habitat for Humanity of Taos Designated Fund
  Donate Heart of Taos Designated Endowment Fund
  Donate Holy Cross Hospital Designated Endowment Fund
  Donate Kit Carson Museum Designated Endowment Fund
  Donate Taos Archaeological Society Designated Endowment Fund
  Donate Taos Center for the Arts Designated Endowment Fund
  Donate Taos Education and Career Center Endowment Fund
  Donate Taos Milagro Rotary Designated Annual Fund
  Donate Taos Milagro Rotary Designated Endowment Fund
  Donate Taos Sports Associates, Inc Designated Intermediate Fund
  Donate Taos Whole Community Health Designated Endowment Fund
  Donate Taylor-Shuter Library of Angel Fire Designated Endowment Fund
  Donate UNM Taos Designated Endowed Fund
  Donate Chevron Questa Grants for Good Annual Fund
  Donate Fred C. Pedersen Charitable Intermediate Fund
  Donate Hotel Willa Intermediate Fund
  Donate Inspire Angel Fire Youth Together Annual Fund
The Inspire Fund will match your contribution up to $50,000 to provide equipment, supplies, and inspiration for the youth of the Moreno Valley area. By contributing now, every dollar doubles and so does the impact for students and athletes. All contributions to the Inspire Fund will be gifted to assist with projects such as public school requests through DonorsChoose.org, school sports programs, and sports equipment.
  Donate Jason Knight Memorial Endowment Fund
  Donate Taos Ski Valley Intermediate Fund
  Donate Yuri Animal Shelter Intermediate Fund
  Donate Taos Community Foundation Endowment Fund
  Donate Agnes Martin Endowed Fund
  Donate Betty Thom Foster Endowed Named Fund
  Donate Crittenden Palacios Named Fund
  Donate Funk Family Endowment Fund
  Donate Heidi Epp Endowment Fund
  Donate Lecht Legacy Scholarship Fund
  Donate M.A. Healy Family Endowed Fund
  Donate Raye Endowed Fund
  Donate Sally Mayer Endowed Fund
  Donate Speirs Family Endowed Fund
  Donate Thomas Buckley Named Fund
  Donate Totally Wiard Fund-EN
  Donate Wells Family Legacy Endowed Fund
  Donate Wes Patterson Memorial Named Fund
  Donate Edgar F. Meyer Scholarship Fund
  Donate Taos Diplomats Scholarship Endowment Fund
Other Funds